Elaine's Childminding Service

Registered childminder

A Day in the life of a Childminder

6.30 am  The day starts here

7.30 am
  My first charge arrives

8.45 am
  The School Run

9.00 am
  Nursery Drop off

10.00 am
 Toddler Group (Tues + Thurs)     
11.30 am
  Pick up from nursery/Free play

12.00 noon

12.45 pm
   Structured play/Nap time for babies

2.40 pm
    The School Run

3.30 pm
    Arrive home/Feed the troops

4.15 pm
    Free play

5.10 pm
    Parents start to arrive

7.00 pm
    My working day is officially over.

The above is a base for my working day, the weather, the childrens' likes or dislikes all play a part in changing the routine.  All play is child led


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