Elaine's Childminding Service

Registered childminder


Fees are available on application.

The reason for this is that each family's needs are different, fees are worked out according to the hours and days required.

Please bear in mind you are paying for the time of attendance as agreed in the contract, even if you don't use them, these hours must be paid. Full details on application. 

I do not offer childcare on an adhoc basis.



Payment must be made on time on the agreed day to avoid late payment fees.


What the fees cover:

Toys and equipment

Travel expenses including business rate car insurance

Scottish Childminding Association membership fees and Insurance

Care Inspectorate fees

Income Tax/National Insurance contributions

replacing damaged equipment (there's a lot of wear and tear on furnishings/walls/doors etc)



Courses and workshops relating to childcare

Toiletries and cleaning materials












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